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Pregnancy Massage

Maternity massage

Pregnancy can be equal parts wonderful and miserable, easy and difficult, with the body and emotions feeling as though you’re on a roller-coaster of ups and downs. Calm Beauty offers maternity massage and antenatal reflexology treatments to help provide positive and supportive benefits during your pregnancy journey.

We strive to create a safe and confidential space where you can share your joys and concerns, highs and lows, without judgement.

Some of the common challenges that come with the many changes a woman’s body goes through during pregnancy include lower back pain, shoulder pain, hip pain, leg cramps, insomnia, low energy levels, heartburn, pelvic pain, itchy skin, and mood swings.

Relaxation plays an important role during pregnancy. A woman needs to be able to rest and recharge, to have time to focus on herself and her baby. The opportunity to relax can help reduce stress levels, which can then help improve sleep, ease aches and pains, and boost energy levels.

Pregnancy massage also boosts lymphatic drainage to help reduce swelling. Massage is useful in alleviating sciatic pain which some women can experience late in their pregnancy.

Other benefits of pregnancy massage include the reduction of lower back and shoulder pain, reducing muscle tension and tightness, relieving headaches, reducing tension or anxiety and encouraging better sleep.

Pregnancy maternity massage at Nautilus Beauty and Spa Marino Dublin

Safe, comfortable massage

Depending on what stage in your pregnancy you are, your massage will most likely be performed with you laying on your side. This is to give you the safest, most comfortable position during your treatment. Your therapist will have you fully covered in a sheet so that you don’t overheat, and we can add on lightweight blankets to your comfort level. One pillow will be placed to support and cushion your knees and ankles and a second pillow will be given to you to hug or place under your bump, depending on your preference.

Our pregnancy massages generally flow starting with the left leg, arm and then that half of the back and neck. Your therapist will only uncover the area of the body they are currently working on. You will then slowly roll over and the therapist will massage the right side of your body.

Calm Beauty massage therapists are fully qualified in massage with additional training and certifications in antenatal massage.

What our customers say

Thanks so much...what a lovely massage. I feel reborn. Trually the best massage experience I have ever had...thank you

Eva C.

The Urban Oasis package certainly lives up to its name! Such a lovely treatment from start to finish. Plush surroundings, beautiful delicate decor and lush products made for a fabulous treatment with the loveliest therapist. Can't stop coming back!

Sharon O.

Calm Beauty is my new place-to-go for massages. The ladies are amazing with excellent technical skills and beyond friendly services! I highly recommend all of the massage therapists: Niamh, Karen and the two Jennys! Treat yourself with some massage or facial 🙂 I'll definitely be back for more treatments.

Amanda S.

I absolutely love going to the ladies at Calm. I have had a massage from each therapist and I can safely say every therapist is fantastic. I am very picky when it comes to massages, and they are the best I've ever had at Calm.

Jacqueline C.

The most soothing, warm and welcoming spot in Dublin. An incredible relief from the general anxiety of the last year.. I genuinely felt lighter and brighter leaving, then when I arrived and it will be the first place I go when it's safe to do so again.


Beautiful space, friendly and professional staff. Floated away. Highly recommend the massage facial combo.

Ciara S.

Had an excellent deep tissue massage with Jenny Fitzpatrick, I feel like new woman after it.

Aoife L.

Niamh was wonderful and pleasant and hygiene standards were impeccable which is very re-assuring

Anne D.

Jenny Faison - Nautilus Beauty and Spa - Winner Logo Irish Hair Beauty Awards 2017
Jenny Faison - Nautilus Beauty and Spa - Phorest Client Experience Award 2018
Nautilus Beauty and Spa National Register of Reflexologists
Nautilus Beauty and Spa International Association of Infant Massage
Nautilus Beauty and Spa IAIM Baby Massage certification
insured and accredited Professional Complementary Health Therapists and Practitioners
Jenny Faison - Nautilus Beauty and Spa - Irish Times Best Shop 2016
Jenny Faison - Nautilus Beauty and Spa - Finalist Irish Hair and Beauty Awards 2018

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