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Indian Head Massage

An Ayurvedic treatment

Indian head massage is so much more than a back massage or head massage! This is an Ayurvedic treatment which dates back over a thousand years. Massage has a long-standing history in Indian cultures with traditions and techniques being passed down through family members. It is very common for them to give and receive daily head massages.

Traditionally done in a seated position, we modify your treatment at Calm Beauty so that you are laying down comfortably as you would for a back massage. Indian head massage techniques are then used. Your back will be warmed up with rhythmic sweeping strokes. Then, with deeper pressure, but always to your comfort level, your therapist will stretch out the muscles on either side of your spine, up and across your shoulders, down into your arms, and along your neck. This will help to loosen any areas of tightness and tension, reducing aches and pains.

Your massage will continue from your neck up into your scalp. Eventually, you will be asked to turn over so that your scalp massage can continue to the front of your head before moving down to your face. Scalp and facial massage can be incredibly relaxing and calming, slowing down minds full of whirling thoughts. Tightness and tension along the forehead, cheeks and jaw can be eased which can help with teeth grinding or clenching and headaches.

Indian Head Massage Theraty at Nautilus Beauty and Spa Marino Dublin

Get your desired effect

Overall, Indian head massage can be very calming or quite energising.

This treatment benefits areas where there can be a build-up of high levels of stress and tension. This massage can have both an uplifting and relaxing effect on the nervous system. Indian head massage can be particularly effective if you suffer from headaches, migraines or sinusitis.

Other benefits include:

  • relaxation and stress relief,
  • uplifting,
  • aids postural problems,
  • improves hair and scalp conditions,
  • increases vascular/lymphatic circulation,
  • releases endorphins,
  • restores energy to the body,
  • activates the parasympathetic nervous system, helping the body relax naturally,
  • decreases the sympathetic nervous system response, which activates our “fight or flight” reactions

What our customers say

Beautiful space, friendly and professional staff. Floated away. Highly recommend the massage facial combo.

Ciara S.

Had an amazing experience in the new Drumcondra premises with every attention to Covid 19 regulations so felt very safe. My therapist was Jenny Fitzpatrick and I can't remember ever feeling so relaxed after a treatment. Have already booked my next one.

Anne D.

Niamh was wonderful and pleasant and hygiene standards were impeccable which is very re-assuring

Anne D.

Had a beautiful indian head massage and fabulous facial with Karen. It was my first time here. Was met by Karen and made so welcome. Everything was so well organized. Would highly recommend and I will definitely be back. Thanks Karen

Tina D.

I went to Jenny Fitzpatrick for a deep tissue massage and found her amazing. I feel really loosened up after it and she gave really good practical advice afterwards. She’s lovely and I felt very comfortable. They also have done a really good job on adhering to COVID-19 safety measures - I felt totally safe the whole time. Looking forward to another visit!

Joanne C

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Jenny Faison - Nautilus Beauty and Spa - Phorest Client Experience Award 2018
Nautilus Beauty and Spa National Register of Reflexologists
Nautilus Beauty and Spa International Association of Infant Massage
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insured and accredited Professional Complementary Health Therapists and Practitioners
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