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Holistic Swedish Massage

All the massages we offer have holistic and Swedish massage as their base. So, what are these two types of massage therapy?

Swedish massage

Swedish massage is the most well-known type of massage. It is based on long, gliding strokes, kneading of the muscles and varied pressure. Swedish massage has an interesting history. Often incorrectly attributed to a Swedish man for its development, it was actually a Dutch doctor Johann Georg Mezger who did. Using his medical knowledge, he created a system based on the five techniques that make up Swedish massage.

  1. Effleurage – long, sweeping strokes
  2. Petrissage – muscles are kneaded
  3. Friction – circular motions using firm pressure
  4. Tapotement – Tapping or percussive movements
  5. Vibration – certain muscles are shaken to help release tension and tightness

Holistic massage

Holistic massage incorporates both physical and psychological health. Holistic is a whole mind, body and spirit approach, which focuses on the whole person not just the symptom or condition. Massage can be used for relaxation, stimulation or rehabilitation of the whole body or part of it.

Massage Therapy - Calm Beauty - Drumcondra - Dublin
Swedish Massage - Calm Beauty - Dublin

The benefits of Holistic Swedish massage

The benefits of massage therapy are many and varied. Holistic Swedish Massage is used to release stress, tension, improve circulation, muscle suppleness and skin tone while lifting the spirit and balancing the energy. Clients are always asked about their preference for the pressure the therapist uses for the massage. Pressure can vary from light to medium to deep, like that of a deep tissue massage, depending on what you like.

Massage encourages better lymph drainage and reduces swelling, relieves muscle fatigue, soreness and stiffness, relieves tired and sore joints, encourages sleep or help relieve insomnia, improves digestion, boosts immunity, enables deeper, more effective breathing, gives a “lift” to emotions and increases positive feelings, relaxes the mind thereby reducing the symptoms of anxiety and depression.

No experience required!

If you’ve never had a massage before, don’t worry! Swedish massage is a great starting point. If it’s your first visit to Nautilus, we’ll start by having you complete a short consultation form. It’s important that we have any relevant information about your medical history and treatment goals. We’ll take you to the treatment room and explain how your massage will be conducted, ensuring you’re comfortable and all of your questions have been answered. This includes confirming what type of pressure you prefer. As we perform your massage, only the area of the body that we are currently working on will be uncovered. Otherwise, you’ll be comfortably covered by a towel and blanket.

After your massage, we’ll give you homecare advice to help prolong the benefits of your treatment. Recommendations might include gentle stretches, keeping an eye on your water intake, stress or anxiety reduction techniques or other advice as appropriate.

What our customers say

"Had the nicest pregnancy massage with Karen today. Will definitely be back and would highly recommend to other pregnant ladies?!"

Cathy C.

"My first massage with Karen and it was wonderful. I could feel the care and immense attention during the massage. It was the perfect mixture of relaxation and working out stress knots in the my back As always with Nautilus it’s a haven and safe space and extremely relaxing ."

Helen B.

"Spoiled went in full of pain came out like a new woman. Felt like heaven even the hard part was worth it for the relief. Thank you so much. Mary"

Mary B.

"It couldn't have been better. I feel so relaxed. Every time I go for a massage it gets better. The temp of room, music, smell, everything was spot on. So easy to book with loads of choice. Karen is an angel. Thanks Jenny for having such a gem and retreat. I'd be lost without you xo"

Deirdre M.

Jenny made me feel at ease from the moment I arrived. The space is beautifully appointed and smells heavenly!! I had a 30 minute massage and a facial which after a bout of bad health felt so healing and rejuvenating!! I felt cared for throughout and will undoubtedly be back!! If you are feeling low I highly recommend a visit!!

Clare M.

The nicest massage I’ve ever gotten. Karen was so lovely and Jenny has created such a lovely and relaxing environment in the space.

Gillian E.

A wonderful experience, Jenny took time to explain and answer any questions I had about the treatment, a very relaxing and calming head massage!

Ciara M.

Superb massage. Wonderful customer service. Time and money well spent. Can’t rate the experience highly enough. Will definitely book again and be delighted to recommend. I have very high standards which were all met in a calm, restful and most professional manner. Very impressed. Already looking forward to my next visit.

Corriena B.

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