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Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage Course

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Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a series of techniques that are used all over the body in light rhythmic movements to help with the flow of the lymphatic system.

It is primarily used to boost the lymphatic system and to aid in the removal of waste, excess water, foreign substances and bacteria from the tissues. It also improves the production and distribution of antibodies and lymphocytes. This in turn boosts immunity to disease.

This effective treatment can be used for a variety of problems and can help to clear congestion, waste and fluid from the system, which in turn can help the following:

Fluid retention
Digestive disorders
Swelling (oedema)
Headaches/ migraines
Sinus congestion
Post surgery swelling

Class will run 10am-5pm.

You can find additional upcoming class dates here.

**Please view full course details via the drop-down menu under the Calm Holistic Academy tab for attendance prerequisites.

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