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Hot Stone Massage – Calm Holistic Academy

Hot Stone Massage is one of the most popular spa and salon massage treatments! Hot stone massage combines the benefits of a traditional massage with the use of heated basalt stones through ‘thermotherapy’ (the use of heat applications) in rhythmical massage strokes, to create a deep and relaxing treatment for the body and mind.

It is said that the heat of a basalt stone goes 20 times deeper into the muscle and that one stroke of a heated basalt stone is the equivalent of 5-10 strokes of a therapist’s hand. Using the heat from the stones to warm up the client’s muscles prepares the body for a deeper and more relaxing experience without any pressure being used from the therapist.

This one day (10am-4pm) course will cover:  history of hot stones, what is a hot stone massage, basalt stones, benefits of hot stone massage, hydrotherapy, total and partial contraindications to hot stone massage, preparing for your hot stone massage and a recap on muscles, bones and body systems and a hot stone massage routine.

Requirements to attend: ITEC level 3 holistic massage or equivalent qualification or qualification that includes 100 hours of practical massage training.

Book online here where you can pay either the €50 deposit or full €200 fee.

Please contact Jenny Fitzpatrick or Jenny Faison at info@calmholisticacademy.com with any questions.