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Deep Tissue Massage, Postural Awareness & Injury Prevention

Our continuing professional development course on Deep Tissue Massage, Postural Awareness and Injury Prevention is a one day course (10am-5pm).

In this course you will cover:

  • What is Deep Tissue Massage
  • Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage
  • Trigger points
  • An introduction to neuromuscular therapy,
  • Posture assessment for both your client and yourself
  • How to protect your arms and hands to prevent injury
  • New techniques incorporating your body weight to safely and effectively give a Deep Tissue Massage.

You will perform massages on each other, enabling you to receive the treatment so you can feel what it will be like for your clients as well as perfecting your own movements. 

Requirements to attend: ITEC level 3 holistic massage or equivalent qualification or qualification that includes 100 hours of practical massage training.

Book online here where you can pay either the €50 deposit or full €225 fee.

Please contact Jenny Fitzpatrick or Jenny Faison at info@calmholisticacademy.com with any questions.