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Why Hot Stone Massage

Why Hot Stone Massage

Having only read about the benefits of hot stone massage this is my personal experience that I would like to share with you.  It was my first time to have a Hot Stone Massage treatment and oh boy was I looking forward to it.

As I lay down on the massage table the therapist slowly introduced the heat from the stones to the area of my body she was working on. The warm heat from her hands first was very comforting and felt good on my skin but this was just a taster of what was to come that I can only describe as pure bliss.

As she introduced the hot stones to my body the immediate feeling was of warmth and soothing. As the therapist worked on the different areas of my body (from toes to head) I quickly fell deeper and deeper into the most relaxing state I have ever experienced during a Massage. As she placed the stones on different areas and massaged me with the stones, my weary body had totally melted away to a state of pure and utter relaxation.

As I lay cocooned in my warm towels and carefully placed hot stones I prayed that this treatment would not end 🙂  unfortunately like all good things it did and all I can say is that I couldn’t move my body for about 10 minutes after I was so relaxed.

That night I had the best nights sleep I’d had in a long time (I was in bed by 10pm. I just couldn’t keep my eyes open, I was zapped). When I awoke the next morning I felt great. I felt rejuvenated, fresh and clarified. A real feeling of lightness within Myself.  I can’t wait to have another treatment and I’m my opinion it’s a treatment that everyone should experience.
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