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Thalgo’s Make-up Removing Cleansing Gel-Oil

Thalgo - Make-Up Removing Cleansing Gel-Oil - Calm Beauty - Dublin 3

Thalgo’s Make-up Removing Cleansing Gel-Oil

It’s taken me a while to get pen to paper on this one with all the craziness of post-lockdown life taking hold but I made another Thalgo swap in my skin care routine a while back and I am LOVING this one!  I’m late to the party on this product as it’s not part of a new range so its an “oldie” but most definitely a “goodie”!!  Introducing the Thalgo Make-up Removing Cleansing Gel-Oil…..it’s just gorgeous.  Some clients may have already experienced the loveliness of this product as part of the Thalgo Illuminating Radiance Facial.

As the name suggests it removes make-up and cleanses the skin….and it really does remove make-up, even waterproof make-up.  It’s taken off both my eyeliner and mascara with ease which can prove difficult for a lot of cleansers.  It’s a gel which transforms into an oil and then transforms again into a milk on contact with water.  Initially the gel feels quite firm and tacky but once you start to massage it into the face it transforms quite quickly into a gorgeous oil allowing you to give yourself a lovely facial massage!

This product can be massaged around and right over the eyes to move the make-up particles without risk of hurting / stinging the eyes.  I use about a pea size amount / maybe 2 if I have makeup on, and dab it around my face and then……let the massage commence!! I know this might seem like a lot of effort for some (and some nights it most definitely is for me too!!) but I do try at least a couple of nights a week to give myself this lovely facial massage.

Like I spoke about with the new Thalgo Hyalu-procollagen range, I am a sucker for anything that will naturally help me improve my skin and fight the inevitable wrinkles.  Would you believe a simple facial massage will give you glorious anti-aging benefits as it brings more blood flow to the area which in turn will increase collagen production.  No more than the rest of your body, facial muscles require exercise to keep you fit and looking younger.  However, unlike exercising your whole body, this actually feels so lovely and does not hurt so definitely my type of exercise!  Outside of anti-aging benefits, facial massage will also help relieve tension and increase circulation.  It doesn’t have to be complicated I promise!  Just upward motions working around the soft lines of the mouth and then up towards the forehead with gentle circular motions around the eyes and brows and this will increase blood and oxygen flow to the face to give a lovely healthy and natural glow to your complexion.  Once you feel the texture of the gel on your skin you will very naturally move into a facial massage as the gel turns into a lovely oil consistency and the massage is ultimately moving the cleanser around the face so it’s two steps covered off in one.  After a few minutes, or however long you choose to continue the massage, splash a little warm water on your face and you will see the consistency change again to a milk which can continue to be massaged before washing off with water or a cloth/mitt – whichever you prefer.  I generally use a mitt to wipe it off if I have been wearing make-up.

This gel is made of a combination of 3 lovely oils – Sunflower, Buriti and Sweet Almond oil.  All of these combined together protect the skin against bacteria and germs, act as an antioxidant as there are some naturally occurring vitamins in these oils, smooth dry skin and improve complexion and skin tone.  All of these ingredients combined with the benefits of the facial massage and you are on to a winner!

To give an idea of where this cleanser might fit in your skincare regime, I swapped this gel-oil cleanser for a pre-cleanse oil I was using – it was the Dermalogica pre-cleanse oil which I have loved because of the consistency and the smell.  This Thalgo gel-oil cleanser is the perfect replacement and its also a good bit cheaper so I’m delighted with the swap!  You have to work the gel a bit to get the texture to change to oil so It’s a great way of getting a good massage in.  Of course, don’t forget that if you fancy a more thorough facial massage or just want someone else altogether to do it for you, come and visit us in the salon where a facial massage is incorporated in our lovely Thalgo facials.  You will be glowing in no time!!!

Sinead Ryan

Calm Beauty Massage & Beauty Therapist

Calm Beauty

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