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Thoughts on Thalgo’s Newest Range: Hyalu Procollagene

Thalgo - Hyalu Procollagen - Rich Cream - Calm Beauty - Dublin

Thoughts on Thalgo’s Newest Range: Hyalu Procollagene

The newest Calm Beauty team member, Sinead Ryan, shares her thoughts on Thalgo’s latest product range!

Well there has been no better time for some self care and a bit of a change up to my skincare regime!  I have never used Thalgo products before and being a bit of a skincare junkie I was very excited to try something new!  I love skincare and have started to concentrate so much more on my skin over the last couple of years.  I’m getting very very close to my mid 40’s (eek!!) and have all the typical concerns for my age of wrinkles, dehydration, pigmentation issues from sun overexposure when getting a sun tan was a lot more important than worrying about aging!!! I’m basically looking to turn back time or at the very least to keep it on pause for the time being in a very natural way!

Thalgo - Hyalu Procollagen - Online Facial - Calm Beauty - Dublin

 So when I see the words “intensive wrinkle-correcting” on anything I am sold!

Thalgo’s new range is the “Hyalu-procollagene”.  It is an anti-ageing range and comprises of a gel cream, a rich cream, a serum, eye patches and a mask!  I have been using the “Intensive wrinkle-correcting serum” and the “Wrinkle correcting pro mask” for the last couple of weeks.  I have stuck to the other products in my routine and just swapped out a serum I was using (Skingredients skin veg – the green one!) for this new serum.

Thalgo products are based on algae and marine extracts and they are the world leader in professional marine cosmetics.  Their aim is to infuse marine energy into their beauty products to revitalise the body!  What is not to love about that!  The aesthetics of this range alone make you think of a beautiful aquamarine colour sea in the beautiful sunshine of the south of France, the birthplace of Thalgo.  I really need a holiday in the sun… don’t we all!

All the products in this range contain 3 hyaluronic acids and marine pro-collagen.  I won’t bore you with the science but you hear a lot about the molecular weight of hyaluronic acid and which is more beneficial – this range contains all three weights (high, medium and low) so in addition to plumping up the skin (filling out wrinkles!) and drenching it with water, it will also stimulate hyaluronic production in your skin so hydrating the skin from within.

Thalgo - Hyalu Procollagen - Intensive Wrinkle Correcting Serum - Calm Beauty - Dublin 3

It will also stimulate collagens which will improve the elasticity of the skin and gradually fill in the wrinkles from within!  Sounds like powerful stuff!!

The serum comes in a 30 ml size bottle and a little goes a long way!  The consistency of the serum is lovely and light – not at all gloopy or sticky like some hyaluronic serums.  It’s a fluid, colourless gel with a lovely fresh smell.  In addition to the active ingredients noted above of 3 hyaluronic acids and marine pro-collagen, it also contains a retinol-like plant ingredient.  This will help with skin cell turnover so basically will smooth the skin!  It claims to correct even set-in wrinkles after 14 days!  I have been using it now for about 14 days and I have to say I really like it!  My skin definitely feels plumper and I don’t notice the lines quite as much.  I have a few quite deep set wrinkles on my forehead and although they have not vanished (as of yet fingers crossed!), they are not as pronounced so that is progress.  It states to use both morning and evening after cleansing but I have only been using in the morning and have really seen results.

I have also been using the “wrinkle correcting pro mask” every 3 nights.  This mask contains similar ingredients but greater concentration so it gives an intense blast of the lovely hyaluronics!  This is a mask with a built in brush so it is really easy and handy to use.  You put a thin layer on and just let it seep in so there is no washing off etc.  You just twist it close and give the brush a quick wash in warm water and you are ready for the next use.  I have been using it at night but it would be lovely to use in the day time especially before putting on makeup to give the skin an instant plump hydrated look.

Thalgo - Hyalu Procollagen - Wrinkle Correcting - Pro Mask - Calm Beauty - Dublin 3

I am really loving using both the serum and the mask.  Outside of the beginnings of operation wrinkle reduction, what I have really noticed is the improved texture of my skin – it really feels smoother and less dehydrated!  I am looking forward to seeing the longer term results!  Thalgo claim that this is the first “marine filler” that fills in wrinkles, even those set-in so I feel I will be unrecognisable in another couple of months when we emerge from lock down!

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