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Let’s talk about Thalgo facials!

Thalgo Spiruline Boost Treatment - Calm Beauty - Drumcondra Dublin

Let’s talk about Thalgo facials!

There’s been a renewed interest from our clients to revamp their skincare routines. As with everything else, we’re blaming this global pandemic. Increased stress levels, interrupted sleep, changes to our nutrition and general routines, have all drained the glow and vibrancy from our skin.

We’re fighting back with two highly recommended professional Thalgo facials. Beyond the physical benefits, a facial brings to your skin, a truly good facial is an incredibly relaxing experience. You will leave Calm Beauty feeling like you’ve had that long overdue, much-missed holiday.

The Thalgo Spiruline Smoothing, Detoxifying Facial focuses on skin that has lost its glow due to stress, environmental pollution, and fatigue. It’s designed to brighten, smooth and detox the skin leaving you feeling and looking refreshed and renewed.  It includes the most amazing peel-off mask to rehydrate your skin and improve its texture.

This treatment also includes Spirulina Boost which is a drinkable shot combining spirulina, marine magnesium and natural vitamin C from acerola, which together help reduce fatigue. It is enriched with chlorella, which promotes detoxification in a refreshing mint – lemon flavor.

We also recommend the Thalgo Hyaluronic Smooth and Fill Facial. We all know that beautiful buzz word, that magic elixir ingredient – Hyaluronic Acid, and for good reason!

This Thalgo facial treatment is an anti-wrinkle solution concentrated in high-absorption Hyaluronic Acid, which helps fill in and correct pronounced wrinkles thanks to its exclusive massage and professional double mask.

Your skin will look more refreshed, smoother, and dare we say younger(!) in one session. Your complexion will glow. This facial is suitable for all skin types but is particularly good during our 30s and 40s as stress, nutrition, and age start to more noticeably impact our skin.

If you have questions about any of the Thalgo facials or products we offer, please do let us know. We’re happy to recommend a treatment that would be ideal for you.

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