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Baby Reflexology Classes

For newborns to pre-crawlers

We are delighted to offer new parents in Dublin (Fairview, Marino, Clontarf, Drumcondra – anyone who finds the Dublin 3 area convenient!) the opportunity to learn how to give a reflexology treatment to their babies! Classes are suitable for newborns to pre-crawlers. Each class includes learning new reflexology routines and reviewing the previous weeks’ reflexology techniques, as well as time to enjoy a tea/coffee while we chat about theory related to infant development and a variety of other topics with fellow parents.

There are a number of wonderful benefits to be gained from baby reflexology for both baby and parent, including the promotion of bonding and attachment between parent and baby, relieving colic and wind, promoting relaxation and aiding sleep, helping to build immunity, enjoying the support of fellow new parents.

The course instructor uses a doll to demonstrate the reflexology techniques to parents while parents do the actual treatment with their baby. Classes are baby led and parents are encouraged to respond to the individual needs of their babies. The classes are warm and relaxing, allowing the individual baby’s needs to be considered and parents to spend time learning from each other’s knowledge and experiences.

Courses start monthly, so keep an eye on our calendar to see upcoming places.


In-person/classroom (not allowed under current government restrictions): The cost of €100 for 4 classes includes reflexology hand-outs detailing the routines and a bottle of organic oil. Group classes or one-to-one classes are available.

Baby and Child Reflexology - Calm Beauty - Dublin 3
Infant and Child Reflexology - Calm Beauty - Dublin 3