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What does holistic mean?

The term ‘holistic’ is derived from the Greek word, holos, meaning whole. Holistic therapies are based on the idea that health is the result of harmony between the body, mind and spirit. Stresses of any kind, be they physical, psychological, social or environmental, can upset this balance and cause ‘dis-ease’.

What happens during a massage?

You and your therapist will complete a consultation form so that any possible contraindications are noted and addressed and so that your massage can be customised to what your needs are on the day of your treatment.

You will be fully covered during the course of your massage aside from the area your therapist is currently working on. Your comfort and overall experience is greatly important.

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What is a contraindication and why couldn’t I have a massage?

A contraindication is any condition that would restrict or prevent massage therapy, such as being currently treated for blood clots, cardiovascular conditions, recent surgery, diabetes with complications, to name a few.

We would request that you receive written consent from your GP or specialist for massage prior to the session for some contraindications. It is important to let your therapist know if you are under a doctor’s care and what medications you are taking, if any.

We can discuss this further with you if you have any questions.